# Command Syntax Usage
1 antivirus /antivirus Scan for viruses on your device.
2 balance /balance Shows your crypto balance.
3 connect /connect Connect to a device that you have bypassed.
4 daily /daily Claim your daily crypto rewards.
5 decrypt /decrypt Uses your password decryptor to crack into a bank account.
6 device /device Displays your device's software and crypto balance.
7 leaderboard /leaderboard Shows the top devices on Hackcord.
8 overclock /overclock [task] Use your overclocks obtained from voting to speed up tasks.
9 scan /scan Scan for a list of other player devices to bypass.
10 shop /shop [PAGE # (optional)] Purchase software upgrades on the black market.
11 spam /spam Claim spam earnings from devices you have infected.
12 task /task Shows your device's tasks and the status of the task.
13 update /update Updates your software to a higher level that you have downloaded from an inspect.
14 vote /vote Vote for Hackcord to recieve Overclocks!
# Command Syntax Usage
1 help /help Shows commands and information for Hackcord.
2 invite /invite Gives an invite to add Hackcord to a Discord Server.
3 ping /ping Shows the latency of Hackcord -> Discord.